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Professional tree services

to suit all needs.


From small jobs to long term woodland management. Our qualifications and experience allow us to offer a variety of services to fit your requirements.

Tree health checks can be carried out on any of your trees. We can then advise you on your options.


Felling trees of any size is possible when appropriate. Whether this is for commercial purposes where large quantities need to be felled and processed ready for extraction or often when individual trees are dead, dying or diseased.


Pruning trees of any size is a regular operation. From fruit trees to big trees taking up too much light, space or even becoming dangerous. We are able to reduce the trees size, thin the crown, remove dead, dying and diseased branches whilst leaving in the desired shape.

Logging removed timber for your own firewood supply is something we can do on site, so you are left with a good stock of your own wood and reducing waste.

Stacking your logged timber in a desired location to ensure a tidy site and peace of mind that your own firewood is already drying in a  neat and safe stack.


Chipping any left over branches and foliage that ensures a clean and tidy site once all work is done. You can have this taken away or left for your own use.


Removal of all desired timber and foliage is available. We have our own permits to use local recycling centres to dispose of waste responsibly. 

Equipment - We use a range of high quality equipment to allow us to carry out work efficiently, cost effectively and safely to ensure a high standard.

If you would like to discuss any of our services or would like clarification on what we offer then please get in touch via the contact us page.